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please talk...brain surgery tomorrow


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Lots' of prayers coming your way. It is a special

blessing and miracle that you can have this surgery. The reason I say this, is in order to have brain surgery, I was told by a doctor from a LARGE cancer institute - City of Hope, Duarte CA.. a person can-not have cancer present in any other area of their body. I was told this by several doctors'.

You will be fine, just stay positive and remember, we are here for you and will be waiting for your next post.

I speak from experience, I too had a brain tumor

removed (fourteen months ago.) I even had a

radiation tx afterwards...

God Bless, prayers and gentle hugs,


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Dear Melanie,

You've already been through the surgery -- and I was toolate to send my encouragement before it. But I'm thinking of you right now, expecting you to come through this was flying colours and to get back to where you were before this dratted met took its place. Hope someone is reading your emails for you and sending you our love, thoughts and prayers.


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I guess by now you have come out of surgery. I pray that you are doing well and sitting up in bed hungry like someone posted. I have you in my prayers and will look for your post in the good news section. I am sorry I read this so late but prayer can't hurt no matter what the situation.


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