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my sister and her bad news


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I have never used this board before but my sister who means the world to me has LCSC and we thought things were better but just like a strom we now find that she has gone from limted to extenive and we are dealing or trying. She is young and they just found 2 mets in her head and in her ovaries they are pretty big but the same size in each all her doctors have never seen this before and i am wondering if this has happened to any one eles. If any one is from the Maryland area and recomend me a doctor the very best only for my sister.And does anyone know of a place better then the USA for treatment. I would take her any where in the world. I hope that anyone that reads mine post is doing well and if you are not i hope that you are you doing the things that make you happy. PLEASE I really need help and i hope that someone here can give me some advice. I don't know how she feels but I know how I feel and its very hard.thank you

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So sorry to hear about your sister. I can tell from your post that she is very special to you.

There are many people on this board that have traveled or are traveling the same road as your sister. I am sure that they will chime in with their stories. I have non-small cell so my treatment protocol is different than what your sisters may be.

Please note DON'T lose hope, there are many survivors out there. I personally know two small cell survivors that are doing great. One was extensive and is a 6 year survivor, the other was limited and is a 5 year survivor.

Courage and strength are being sent your way,


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I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Please tell her ther are MANY MANY people who are survivors of small cell. I am currently 3 years and going strong. Always ask questions of the doctors and if you don't like the answers, go to another doctor. Do not give up. There is hope. Let us know how she's doing and how you're doing. There are many people here who care.


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I too, have small cell extensive. It has been 4 yrs 2 mos since my diagnosis and am doing well at this time.

You sound like maybe you are the sister to ne of our regulars on here. Her name is Jen. If not--Jen lives in Maryland, she might be able to help with locations to go in your area. She has done a lot of research on hospitals and Dr in that area.

Good luck.


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