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2nd Recurrence for Pop's :-(


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Hi All,

Haven't posted much at all lately. I've been bummed about the quick death of uncle from LC and of all the bad news on the boards lately. Just found out today that Pop's is no longer NED (again). This time there are 2 spots on his RT lung and a spot on his LFT adrenal gland. Mom said that they both cried their eyes out (it totally breaks my heart thinking on Pop's crying). The good thing is that Pop's still wants to fight which is amazing since the whole heart issues almost killed him (several times). He will be doing chemo 3 days in a row every 3 weeks. His new chemo drug is camptosar(sp?) camptothecan-11 (sp?), Ikinotecan topecaton (?). Pop's was trying to read the info to me so I am not sure if this is one drug or a combo. He did say something about it being a chemo drug for colon cancer. If anyone has any info on this please pass it on to me. Pop's wanted me to ask the "folk's on the boards". So needless to say I am bummed out. Of course my dad was more concerned about me and my cold. He is worried that I am wearing myself out at school. Again, not concerned with himself. I start summer break on the 18th of May and then will fly home by myself to spend time with Pop's and to keep him company for a few weeks. Luckily my husband will be home until the end of June so he will look after my daughter so just me and pop's can spend time together. My mom needs a break badly. Pop's can't work because of his heart condition so mom is working extra shifts. He is determined to live until at least he gets 1 SS check starting the end of the summer!!

Sorry for rambling....just sad. Why do so many people have to die from this 8*(#*! disease?? To top things off, my FIL's LC (NSCLC) is progressing. I just can't take it anymore.....Praying for a miracle............


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