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I would definitely have Tim checked out as soon as possible. While it may be nothing or related to nutrition, chemotherapy can put one at higher risk for blood clots and blood clots that travel can be very dangerous.

Hopefully it is nothing but I would have it checked out.

Please let us know


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Hugh had leg cramps all last summer (before he was diagnosed) that we attributed to his job (landscaping) as it had been hot and they had been doing a lot of planting and walking. I later read that it can be related to cancer due to low sodium & sugar levels. I would definately call the doctor, but like Lynn said it could be something related to nutrition or the chemo so don't PANIC (yeah, like you could possibly NOT panic right?) Let us know.

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I have heard that low potassium levels can cause this too. Bill has had pain in his right calf for a couple of months there. We had it scanned but nothing showed up. They also did an ultrasound for possible blood clots in the calf (which are extremely dangerous if they move to the lung). Thankfully no blood clots were found.


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Thanks everyone for your replies....his last taxol treatment was 5/27 and his legs did ache from time to time...but not this cramping in one calf.

He hates when I react to every symptom, but I can't help it- he is the type to minimize things or say it's from something else. I am sure he is scared of it being related to the cancer and that's why he brushes it off.

I am going to call the dr. to be safe...whether or not he gets mad at me...

Thanks everyone..I appreciate you all being here so much !

BTW, that is Tim with our son (my stepson Tony) and our granddaughter Madison...This was taken on father's day. He had a boil on his forehead (I swear I did not hit him..LOL!)...his hair is growing back now ....


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Love those family shots Kathy.

Time to add some more salt to the cooking. Leg cramps are comon in athletes when overexertion and dehydration kicks in. You could try some energy type drinks like Gatorade, or Powerade - they have fairly high sodium levels. Take care.

David P.

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But before you do anything else have him evaluated by a medical professional to rule out a blood clot in his leg. Just having lung cancer puts us at risk for DVTs, and they occur with far more frequency than one might expect. So, don't panic. Just make sure that this is not the cause of the cramping sensation.

Fay A

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