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Need help for a friend

Nancy B

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Hi everybody,

I have a very dear friend that is going through treatment for a brain tumor. She has had surgery and radiation and now chemo. The Decadron is causing her to have an unsatiable appetite. It is really concerning her - she can't stop eating. She has gone from being very thin to, well, very heavy. Any suggestions for her? She is on 12mg a day.

The Decadron affected me the opposite. I am so "not typical". I lost my appetite and lost 30 lbs so I just don't have anything to help her. Thanks for your help

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Hi Nancy,

I had the 'gain' problem with Decadron and it was really out of my control...they gave it to me with my chemo, and even though I wasn't eating anymore than normal (or at least I thought I wasn't), I was gaining weight like crazy.

So, I really don't have any suggestions for your friend since nothing worked for me but time and being away from steriods. But, I suppose the old advice of trying to replace the bad foods with good would help, even though carrots don't taste as good as potato chips.

Is there any end in sight for the decadron, or is this something that is just going to keep going?


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Nancy, Sorry to hear about your friend, but if she is on chemo and the Deco, I would say, just let this run i's course and do the wait and see. The weight issue shouldn't be a concern at this time. Besides, extra weight during cancer treatments isn't uncommon. Most doc's don't get to exited about weight gain during treatments.

But, she sure can mention it to her doc. I guess cutting off her hands is a little much for now! :shock::roll::wink:

God Bless and Good Luck,


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