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Elaine, Carleen and Keith, Margaret, Cheryl and Jack, cat...


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And there are many others that just dont fit all on that subject line. Where are you? I very rarely post but I read several times a day and keep up to date with how everyone is doing and I pray for and think about everyone. I've been wondering for some time about the people above and others who havent posted in quite some time. If any of you read this I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. If anyone has any updates on anyone who has been missing for a while please let me know.


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I'm with you, Rich. I always wonder about someone whose first post's main purpose is to stir things up...

Since there are very few people who know the whole story, it's interesting that a "new member" can step right up and claim "That What Is", don't ya think?

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Margaret posted last on Dec 25, 2004 and Carleen posted on Nov 15, 2004. Elaine posted a few days ago. Don't know how Cat or Cheryl is doing. Perhaps someone has spoke with them by telephone or e-mail and can give us an update. If so, please post for us.

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