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1 Year today


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Hi Everyone - Its been quite a while since I have been here - I found myself becoming more and more depressed re-living the whole experience each time there was bad news on the board, so I had to take a break to regain my life and strat participating in my family again.

Today is not a good day - there is no celebrating, no smiles - just a great deal of memories. He dies almost 4 hours ago a year past. Its unfortunate becuase I am unable to be with my mom today - I know she is mouring just as hard today that she did last year. Why we remember at milestones - a year - two years - I dont know - really I know its just another day - no big deal, but I can help but feel very sad today. ANyways - Thanks for all you have done to help me express my thoughts and feelings - it has been a blessing for me.


Daughter of Rich (d)5/24/04 :(:cry:

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It really is not just another day, to others but certainly not to you..You're right all those awful memories are too hard to bare..I'm sorry I didnt catch your post yesterday when you were feeling so bad..

I want you to know you are not alone and to tell you for many the anticipation of the day is usually worse than the day itself, I wish I could have told you that before yesterday..

The whole journey doesnt end when our loved one has passed, it just continues into a different chapter..

I hope today is a bit better for you and soon you can find some peace and healing...

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Angela, my dad died May 23, 2005. I'm not doing real well right now but I was just thinking that since I'm a milestone girl myself, maybe we can see eachother right here next year! At this point I can't see a year, a decade, or even a lifetime filling that gap of such a great man and I'm sure that is just exactly how you feel too!

Keeping you in my prayers!

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I know this is really really late, but I just want to express my sympathy for the loss of your father. Our parents have a special place in our hearts and when we lose them there is nothing that can replace that big gap that is left. 1 year seems like forever but at the same time seems like just yesterday. It really isnt just another day.


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