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David P. needs help with LC facts

David P

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Hey everyone.

I'm sitting here composing a press release to send out to local media in order to garner public support for my big race and findraising campaign, and I'm thinking, " gee, I don't know that many facts about LC." :oops:

And I was wondering, could you all send me tidbits of factual info that pertains to: LC funding, research, survival, new procedures, etc. - anything you think will help me get the word out, and be able to answer the media, and Joe Publics questions when I'm on TV, or at the mall. I need U.S.and Canadian info. It would be a HUGE help-no time to research.

And please... Just the facts ma'am. ( a little Joe Friday for you)

Thanks everybody.


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Hey Dave;

Good for you, Donna's given you some good ones, I would also include American Cancer Society, and NCI ( National cancer Institute ), - I know they focus more on US. but still good info.

Sorry, I gotta learn how to cut and paste the html's ( it's on my to do"s ) :?:?

Also, been doing a bit of letter writing of late, and always make sure I hit on the 5 year survival rate of being a dismal 15%, lowist of all major cancers, and that it's projected that approx. 157,000 people will die of it this year and that 171,000 will be diagnosed. ( again only US figures ); :x:x

I think we need to forget about the fluff and start making the message direct and to the point. We are Dying, there's too many, it's not acceptable, and yes even someone or thing needs to accountable. :x:x ; SIMPLE BUT RELENTLESS !! if you get my drift, I think Joe Cherner @ smokefree.net does it the best that I've seen. He's like a hammer continually hitting a nail. Check out his site not just for the message but also the methods. OK you can see I'm on a roll! Hope this helps

I'll be happy to send you some copies of letters if you want., let me know.

Good luck, I know you'll do great, God bless and don't fall :lol::lol:

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Hey, thanks Donna and Bob - that's just what I was looking for. Bob, I would like to see some of your letters. Can you E-mail them to me? And Donna, you have saved me a bunch of time sending me the links; however, it seems that with all the fundraising organization I'm dealing with now I don't even have time to get out on my bike to train. You know what would really help me big time (and I don't want it to be an imposition here) if there was someone out there who had some time to kill, AND enjoys looking through various websites in order to compile a list, or a synopsis of the type of cancer facts I'm looking for. Things like what Bob mentioned: 15% 5yr survival rate, and 157,000 die this year,etc. I would really appreciate it. (and be compeled to mention you and LCSC on my next talkshow appearance).

Thanks all.


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Hey My Bud David,

I too will lend you a helping hand. Although I can't do it until Sunday night or Monday. Got my Grandkids over the weekend. :shock::) I love having these little darlin's! But, I think I know what your looking for as well. We needed it last year and the year before when we did our Lung Cancer Awareness Event. I know you don't have time to look up the links, so I will do it for you. GET OUT AND TRAIN!!! We'll do the finger work on the puter, and you do the leg work on the bike!! DEAL??? DEAL!!!!

Oh and by the way, I'm still here, I have just been busy doing summer stuff and not hanging out on the computer much. All is fine so far here!! I go for my follow-up CT scan August 8 to see if that Abnormality that showed up in April is still there, gone or what the deal is? Oh JOY!!! No biggy until we see what is what.

Gotta run for now. I'll be back after the weekend.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Beautiful!!! Thanks very much Connie, I really appreciate the help. One thing I'm planning for the bits of info is to print them off in fairly big, bold print and place them all over the table and on the posters so people will see them and go, "oh my, I didn't know that. That's terrible." And get some conversations going along those lines. Debi is going to supply me with some more facts; she's already sent me a bunch. Maybe it would be a good idea to contact her so you don't waste time duplicating stuff she's already sent. You guys are alright! And thanks again to Donna and Bob for getting the ball rolling.

I had my first visit with my sports nutritionist last night. She figures I have to eat about 500 to 600 calories per hour when I'm riding. So we're working out what that will look like in real food. See you. Thanks again.


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Just to avoid duplications...I sent David facts off this website and off of the ones that Donna had put in her post. The first site was phenominal for facts Donna!! I also searched for Canadian cancer facts and got quite a few Canadian statistics from several websites including the Canadian Cancer Society.

I can't sleep at night so this was right up my alley!! :D I actually felt halfway useful for something!!


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