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Returned from visit with Pops


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Hi All,

Came back to California last night. It was a very fast 9 days at Pops house. When I arrived Pops held onto me for several minutes and had tears running down his face; it made my mom cry. He was so happy that I was home. The time I spent with him was truly incredible. We had fun putzing around shopping, movies, chemo treatments etc. I talked to his oncologist in depth about his treatment plan etc. She is awesome and treats Pops like he was her own!! While I was home he gained 6 pounds (which was really needed). This past Friday Pops dog got really terminally sick and had to be put down (she was 11 years old). I'm glad I was home to cushion the sadness. We both bawled our eyes out and then started laughing because we typically aren't emotional people. Leaving was horrible. Pop's was so sad it made me cry. Thank goodness my sister and he family is arriving on Monday. It should keep him busy and cheered up for a while. I will go back home at the end of the summer for a return visit. This trip was really surreal. We found out a lot about each other that we really didn't know because we never had the time to discuss such things. I think the last 9 days was truly the best quality time that I have ever had with him. Cancer really sucks but it has brought us a lot closer. Every night when I kissed him goodnight he was lying in bed holding my moms hand. This would have NEVER happened 3 years ago. It was just the sweetest thing. Anyway...sorry for rambling....just wanted to give an update. He is getting scanned in 2 weeks. Hopefully there is no progression ...hoping for stability....hoping for a cure........


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Hi Kitkath,

Thank you for sharing that wonderful visit with your dad. You really had some quaility time together and seem to have shared some special moments. Some happy some sad, but you did this together. I am so glad you had that time together to get to know each other on a different level than before this happened to him.

It is a shame, that people do not realize how precious life is and how precious their love ones are until there seems to be a tradgedy. We are all quilty of that. We are so busy with the stress of everyday life, we take for granted that our love ones will just be around forever. What we should be doing is spending quality time with each other,now not tomorrow. What if there was no tomorrow, how would you treat that person today. It would be different wouldn't it?

If we knew there may not be a tomorrow, you would see a difference in peoples attitude towards one another. No doubt about that.

Horrific things happen to people, but at the same time it changes them. Most of the time for the better, they appreciated life so much more and they start to count their blessings. It is also the same for the caregiver. Life without that person would be empty, a feeling that a part of you is missing. But if we show all the love we have for one another now, take time for each other, then the transistion if it comes would be so much better for the one left behind. Instead of, I should of, would of, could of. Why didn't I...etc.

You my dear, are doing everything right. You are a wonderful, caring daughter and that so crucial for your dad. It lightens that heavy load he is carrying on those broad shoulders of his.

Take care, and I hope you dad has some really good results with his upcoming scans.


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That was a beautiful post. I'm so glad you had so much connection time with your Dad. That is really important. Funny how so many people don't realize how important our connections are until their lives are turned upside down. Having had this disease, I see that more and more each day.


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