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I have been counting my blessings this week. (Other weeks I count all the things that are definitely not blessings!) It occurred to me how lucky I am that with all I have been through the strongest pain medication I have needed except post surgery is Aleve. I don't even need that every day. My hair has held on for Taxotere--somehow it seemed worse to me imagining it falling out again after I had gotten some fuzz up there than it was when it fell out in April. Last night I was able to sleep on my right side--for the first time since surgery in February. (This was hard for me--the right side has always been my favored sleeping position.) My left side recovered much faster, and I was sleeping on it by mid-March. Taxotere continues to be not a problem--I have been running a low grade fever this week, but CBC and urinalysis showed nothing to worry about, so I am still home and at work doing my thing and drinking enough water to float away. My main complaint is still the shortness of breath--thanks to the radiation.

Yesterday my boss came in to talk about my future. He said he wanted me to know that he is counting on me being here in 5 years when tenure review becomes an issue for me, and he wanted to talk about my progress in that regard. This could have been a stressful conversation, but he wanted to tell me that he thinks it may not be fair to me to have me on the same 6 year tenure schedule everyone else is--for the obvious reason that most people aren't fighting for their lives while trying to get teaching, research, and service done. I got emotional, and he thought he had hurt my feelings, but I was touched that he was thinking so far ahead for me, especially when I have so little time under my belt as a productive member of this department.

Next CT scan in 10 days--HOPEfully some clear good news this time to go with my current feelings of well-being.

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Sounds like you have really been blessed this week. I too am having short breath after radiation in May-June. Dr tells me it should go away as a side effect but I see no signs of it soon. Really the only side effect I've had tho. Had entire lung removed in June and Dr still tells me SOB is side effect of radiation and not lung removal.

Good Luck and remember God never puts more on us than we can handle.


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Hi Becky,

My husband hasn't lost his hair again (on taxotere too) and we were expecting it. In fact he went for a trim on his growing hair today!

Your boss is very kind and is addressing the situation instead of disappearing. I think you will be here a long, long time.

Blessings to you,


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