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where can I find info on progression of liver cancer


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metastasis from lung cancer... my friend is in the last stages of the disease and I would like to know more about the progression. She started 4 yrs ago with lung cancer was operated but six months later cancer metastasized to liver, bone , breast and spleen etc..etc.. now she was given two months to live..she is retaining alot of liquid, and she is in pain..morphine patch 50mg every 3 days...i have tried to look for info on the progression of this disease (liver )but they keep suggesting to seek info on lung cancer net does anyone know anything about this

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I read an earlier post and I am somewhat responding to that post as well as this one.

I am more than a little upset that hospice has turned down your friend. Are there other hospices in the area? Hospice is NOT just for the last few days of care--it is supposed to be for anyone with a prognosis of less than a year.

Contact her insurance company, something.

This fluid build up may have something to do with liver progression but you don't need to be in the position where you are trying to DX your friend with info off of the Internet. Pls get some professional help of some kind for her. Call her Onc or her PCP.

There is no need for her to suffer needlessly or you for that matter.

I wish you and your friend the best of days.

love and fortitude


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I found some info for you on line. If you go to this website you'll find a lot of info. Hope this is helpful to you and your friend.

http://www.emedicine.com/radio/byname/l ... stases.htm

(Sorry but I haven't figured out how to insert that as an active link.)

Metastatic Liver Cancer

Primary liver cancer – originating with cells in the liver itself – is relatively rare. Liver cancer is more often the result of cancer cells from other body parts invading the liver through metastasis, resulting in metastatic liver cancer. Sometimes metastatic liver cancer is the result of gastrointestinal tumors, breast or lung cancer, or melanoma. The organ that is the source of the cancerous cells determines the name of the metastases: if your liver cancer resulted from lung cancer, then it is referred to as secondary lung cancer.

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about options. She refused the hospice care because they told her if she accepted it now she would have to give up her vitamins shots and would no longer be able to visit her oncologist, who's become her pcp... I can't ask her too many questions because she becomes upset. so, since I dont have access to her doctor right now I am seeking info otherwise.. I had asked her if there was a possibility of requesting a hospt. type bed for her since she has difficulty laying down and she starts to cry or react in an angry way.so I am up in the air as to how to handle this..I am not a doctor nor a nurse simply a friend albeit a very close one and I have way too many medical limitations...I really do not know what to do and Iam in over my head... I dont see a way of explaining to her or getting her to understand that we need help... it is difficult when to begin with she doesn't accept her most recent dx (2months left)

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I think she may have misunderstood some things regarding the hospice. You could try calling them yourself and talking to an intake person. Tell them your friends fear of hospice and ask them about her reservations. They may be able to come and meet with her. She needs some professional help here, you can't do it alone.

Keep us posted.

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Yes, I agree; when u dont know where to turn to for help...turn to a professional, social services, mental health counselor if possible. A pro has to meet with her, counsel her. Only way to get thru the crisis sometimes. Hope u can secure some help that way..too much for us ordinary folks to handle sometimes. She might well cooperate much better with a pro, someone not so close to her, as she senses their knowledge and seriousness, etc. K..good luck...Rich B.

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