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She's baaack....

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In the hospital, that is. :(

Mom was admitted (again! *sighs*) for chest pain and shortness of breath this evening...or, well, last evening now. :roll: (That danged 'ole "sob" made an appearance!) They are looking at the possibility of pulmonary embolism, especially after the treatment of the clotting in her right arm. She told me that they did two CT scans (about time they went for over-kill instead of saying "oh, it's nothing"!) and she should have results this morning, sometime.

In the mean time, the shot of procrit did absolutely nothing for the cell counts. So, she's now not allowed children to visit (having to explain that to my daughter :( ) and we're all wearing masks when we go to see her. Always wanted to look like a real doctor, i guess now is a good time to pretend? LOL Our chins are up...just frustrated by this whole thing. :x Seems like, right now, we can't catch a break for more than a day or two!

Yes, Mom, (cause i know you'll read this when you get out!) i know i'm the baby and "worry too much"...but someone has to! :wink: And right now, i'm able to...so let me!

Thanks all, again!, for letting me vent the frustration i feel at this dam*ed disease and what it's doing to Mom. She is so strong, so willing to fight for that HOPE...i'm so proud of her. :) She is my hero.

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