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Anyone using Celebrex with their chemos?

gail p-m

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I've read a bit about the effects of Celebrex making chemo more effective. When I asked my Dad's oncologist about this, his rather terse response was "Your father isn't in a clinical trial." That seemed to be the end of the discussion from his standpoint. My father is on a number of different medications already due to other health problems. However, since Celebrex is an arthritis drug, I thought that perhaps this could do little or no harm if added to his drug regimen. (I could be wrong here too). I also realize that we could probably get Celebrex through another doctor; unfortunately my father didn't really have an internist he liked when he was diagnosed with the recurrence. So one of the reasons that the pulmonologist referred him to this particular oncologist was because he runs a combination internist/oncologist practice. So that cuts that off as a source of Celebrex.

If anyone has taken Celebrex with their chemo, I'd like to hear their results. Also given in the large doses that Celebrex is with the chemo, is anyone aware of possible side effects from the Celebrex. Finally, has anyone's oncologist encouraged them to go on Celebrex for "arthritis" so as to avoid liability for prescribing it since it's in clinical trials.

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Gail, Newsday just had a small article regarding the use of Celebrex with chemo. We've talked to my dads onc. in the past about trying it, but he said it wasn't 'proven'... Friday Dad took the article in with him and he left with a perscription. If you'd like a copy of it, I could mail it to you. I forget if it was in Mondays paper, or the week before. If you want me to find out, I could call my parents tomorrow and message you the info.

I really figure its worth a try. If it has worked for some people, why not Dad? Take care, and keep us posted, Deb

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Hi Gail,

I am taking celebrex because I requested it from my onc. After researching this drug, I learned that the drug inhibits new tumor growth. My radiation onc said that it has a "synergetic effect" especially with radiation. My chemo onc is the one who prescribes my meds. Don't take any other analgesics with celebrex. This medicine can also cause some kidney or liver problems....as does some chemos, so be careful and stay hydrated. I have to eat something before taking it which is hard to do when feeling nauseated on the chemo, it isn't easy on the stomach.


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Gail - My Dad's onc started him on celebrex with his first chemo treatment. He's only had two rounds of chemo so far, but he takes 2 celebrex everyday. It's too early to tell yet, but I'll be sure to let you know.

If you find out any good information about Celebrex, please let us know. I'd love to give it to my Dad to read. He's a bit overwhelmed with all the pills he has to take. It's up to around 42 per day.

Take care,


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After reading on this board that some people had been prescribed celebrex, I asked my onc for it. He said no as I see some others on this board have also been told. I said it is possible that it will help and couldn't hurt, but he didn't agree with the couldn't hurt part so I let it go. He just said that it was an anti-inflammatory and I guess he thought that the possible side effects didn't out weigh the possible benefit. As for the onc that said "you aren't in a trial" well, I don't like his attitude. If you or he think something may be of benefit and he can prescribe it then why not? I don't always agree with my doc, but since he has more education and experience than I do, and because he is usually open to my suggestions, I decided not to argue about this one. I may change my mind if I get more information so would like to hear what others experience has been.


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