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Knee Pain


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I just posted this on Ask the Experts, but since all of you are experts, too . . . . .

My husband has significant bone metastases and is now having knee pain. I haven't heard of anyone on this board complaining of bone mets in the knees. Does this, or can this happen? Is it pretty common or uncommon? The PET scans, at least the films I've seen, just scan above the knees.

Anybody have knowledge/experience with this? He won't let me call the doctor just yet. That's ok because they oncs have told us to call if the pain is new and stays. We need to wait a little longer to see if it stays. It's only been 3 days.

Thank you!!!!


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Bri is having knee pain. Onc explained that chemo is a great anti inflammatory med and that being off the chemo now for a few weeks means his arthritis like aches are much more noticeable.

Does that help at all?

He has pain in his left shoulder, too. I think that is because he abuses his left side because he has no right hand, but it could be related, too, like doc said to the chemo.

Hugs for you and Don.


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Before my diagnosis, I had excrutiating knee pain. It turned out it was from the lung tumor. My doctor told me that some patients can get pulminary osteoarthritis from a hormone the lung tumor excretes. Once my tumor was removed through lobectomy, the pain went completely away and has not returned. It's possible that the pain is coming from the lung tumor.

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Thank you so much for your responses. His knee pain disappeared after a few days and has not returned. It was in both knees and started at the same time, so we assume he must have pulled some muscles when he was exercising or something.

Thanks again!

Love to all,


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