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question from Suki re: discomfort after surgery


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my mom had an intrapericardial pneumonectomy on 6/24.

she asked me to describe the following, for your input:

she has the sensation of something crowded in the bottom of her throat that makes it hard for her to take a deep breath. it doesn't hurt, but she feels like something is blocking her breathing. she burps alot.

also, when she breaths deeply she experiences minor incontenance.

is this the mediastinal shifting? pressure on diaphragm? anxiety? I told her to call the doc, but she also wants your input.

thanks in advance,

amie & suki

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we have no experience w/ any surgical interventions relative to lung cancer so will leave comments on that to the experienced members.

I would like to suggest that what may be pushing up toward her throat is her wonderful loving heart. You see it has swollen with all the love and extra special feelings she has for her loving daughter and son who have helped her through surgery and waiting for results.

I hope that is all it is and that it continues to cause no pain.

Lots of love,


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Many of us have experienced acid reflux after surgery. My advice would be, though, if it is something that has Suki concerned, she should call her doctor and ask. The wee-wee issue may be something to bring up, as well.

Good luck!


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Amie, I haven't had surgery or anything but do have acid reflux fairly often as a long side effect of the chemo. Perhaps there is swelling from the surgery that will go away. I have no idea what is going on but you and your mom are in my prayers. pammie

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Amie: I think it is your moms innards shifting around getting used to the new configuration. The empty space where her lung used to be fills up with fluid. Maybe that is starting to press against other organs. I burped for a month or so after my surgery. I never had any incontinence, but it is not hard to imgine one's innnards getting realligned and maybe her bladder is getting bumped by something. She should ask her doc too.

Don M

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