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Leg Cramps


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Hi To All:

My wife has been getting horrible leg cramps that have become unbearible for her. She finished her last radiation and chemo in Jan. She has been getting these cramps for about three weeks. Her Drs. have prescibed Quinine, but this has only helped a little bit. She is not bed ridden and walks around ok. Have any of you had any experience with these type of leg cramps and could you offer any info on them?


Dennis and cheryl

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Hi Dennis:

I notice from your signature lines that your wife has been in and out of hospital due to low sodium. This could be the problem with her leg cramps. My mom has had the same problem.

Try pumping her up with Gatorade and things like that. Also, try vitamin/mineral sups., like potassium, calcium, vitamin D if her onc. approves of course. My mom's onc. had to approve everything for her, so give him/her a call just to check it out and be safe about any interactions.

Good luck with it and hope this might help you out some.



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My hubby gets awful leg cramps, charley horses, etc. He's got terrible osteoarthritis in his knees, and loses enough sleep over that...but still, he used to wake me up in the middle of the night to massage his leg...trying to ease a bad cramp. They can be SOOOO painful!!

He's tried everything, including quinine...which finally stopped working. Then his 83 y/o mother told him SHE takes calcium, magnesium and zinc. You can buy the three in one pill, one bottle.

He's been taking it and it works!! Be sure to clear it with your wife's doctor...but you can pick up a bottle of cal, mag, zinc at any drug store! Maybe even at your grocery.

Good luck....and hope this one works for her too. It's nice not to have to do any more leg massages in the middle of the night. I have enough problems sleeping...thanks to chemo and steroids! :roll:

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Leg cramps can also be caused by dehydration. Make sure she gets plenty of decaffienated fluids. I have this problem occasionally, and I've also been told it's a potassium deficiency, so eat some bananas, and that Vitamin E helps. I take tons of supplements, so I'm thinking in my case, it's slight dehydration.

Good luck in getting that under control. They are so painful.


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My husband has been a diabetic since the age of three. he takes potassium every day and this helps him avoid leg cramps as well as other muscle aches. If he does not take potassium his legs cramp up and he insulin reactions are more severe. Sure praying you will find a solution for the leg cramps. pammie

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HI, I was just wondering if your wife is taking and procrit for low red blood count. I had to take it for several weeks and my legs almost killed me. My doctor said it was from the procrit. Just thought I would share that with you. Hope she soon finds out because it is miserable.


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