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regular seizures


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Hello all. I know that seizures are common with brain mets, but mom is having them very often, like once a week or more. I asked her if she would call the Dr. who did her SRS to move up her MRI from August. Do you guys agree or should we just wait? The seizure Saturday lasted for over 4 minutes and stepdad said it was worse than the very first prior to brain met dx. Thanks for your input.

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She really needs to get in and see someone right away. She needs to be put on a seizure med that will control them. Seizures that go that long can be very dangerous and can cause damage if the person is not able to take a breath due to seizing so hard. If she is already on a seizure med, she needs something else. I work with individuals with severe seizure disorders and have had clients get hurt real bad falling on their face during a seizure.


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Sorry to hear about the seizures. Is she on medication? My husband was taking dilantin and steroids to prevent seizures after both of his Gamma Knife procedures for his brain mets. Luckily (maybe because of the meds) we never had to deal with seizures. Sound like it's time for a little "in your face" with the docs.


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