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Does anyone us oxygen ?

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Hi Bruce,


I use O2 when I have sob, with exertion. I didn't have a lung out, though. But, I have pneumonitis and fibrosis. And effusions. I guess all that combined leaves me sob.

There are a few others who also use supplemental O2. I hope that they can be of help to you.

Glad you found us.

Cindi o'h

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Dear Bruce,

I see in your porfile that you also have COPD. This alone will get worse as years go on, and it will come to where you will need more and more oxygen. And having the LC is an extra kick in the butt, (so to speak) :roll: as far as the oxygen goes. I would say this sounds normal to me under the circumstances.

Oh, and yes, chemo can add to SOB as well.

Wishing you all the best,


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hi bruce,

my dad uses oxygen only at night and also in the afternoon when he is not at work. he did not have a lung removed but because he had pneumonitis he had SOB. as the months go on he seems to be weening off of it. I think in your case you need to get used to only having one lung and so your body is not used to it yet. I am not sure but i think most people need oxygen, like in your case, but not for a long time (?) Ask your doctor....


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I think there can be many reasons for your increased need for oxygen, but I know my husband didn't require any at all until just in the past few months after developing pneumonitis(inflammation of the lung). I'm not saying that is your problem , but that has been his experience. When do you have scans next? There can be so many reasons for it and as Connie says, I am told just chemotherapy alone can cause you to be shorter of breath. Maybe your next scans will answer your question or maybe you will improve by then. :wink: My best to you.


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Dear Bruce,

My husband has never needed oxygen or been even slightly short of breath until the past few weeks as a result of a new chemo, at least that's what we think is causing it. Right now he's on O2 24/7, but we are hoping that his breathing is going to improve.

Others have experienced SOB with chemo, but I think a lot of them have been able to wean off of it after the effects of chemo settle down.

Hope that helps.



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