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Have been put in my place....


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When I awoke this morning I heard the news about Peter Jennings and was truly saddened.

This was not unexpected news but I was profoundly affected by it, which in itself was unusual. I am usually able to keep my emotions under control (my British upbringing I presume) but not today. I had commitments early this morning so I taped the Good Morning America tribute and have just finished watching it.

At one point during the broadcast the dreaded statistics were quoted yet again... only this time I took notice. Yes, me who has said since day one that they're a bunch of you know what.

Anyway, I have just been moping around the house trying to get all this crap out of my head and at the same time feeling very sorry for myself. Can you believe this, I mean what on earth do I have to feel sorry for myself about - I'm almost 4 years from dx, I've been NED for over 3 years and I have no sign of any recurrence.......BUT, the numbers finally got to me. I did what I've stressed to other people not to do, I found myself putting a personal slant on the long term survival.

Then...... I logged on and started to read Karen's (Davidsclc) post. Karen I have to say a huge thank you to you for your optimism and courage. You have really put me in my place and made the earth rotate in the right direction again.

Next time I feel the wallowing coming I'll remember all the members that have lost the battle and think of the caregivers who battle the loneliness every day.

Thank you again Karen for bringing me to my senses.


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Geri....please don't be too hard on yourself. I know how hard it to ignore those statistics. When Dennis was ill, I used to think that maybe if we had more money or knew someone of prominance, there might be more that could be done for him. When I heard about Peter Jennings and his untimely death,I almost immediately thought that money and notarity placed no importance on his outcome. I can definitely understand why the news of his death would make you sad. I can also understand that our dear Karen's post would once again raise your spirits! Just keep on the track you're on!! You're doing a wonderful job of battling this monster and are to be commended for your bravery and determination!!!!

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Thanks for your original post...I needed that. I too got caught up today with stastics at the doctor's office. I knew ahead of time not to pay too much attention to them, but when I heard them out loud it just seemd to have a personal meening....

But my husband was strong, he didn't pay too close attention to all that stuff, he actually kept making jokes. While talking to the doctor he kept confusing 'biopsy' for 'autopsy'. After that broke the ice, the rest of the day he said he wants to have a shirt made that says, "I am scheduling my autopsy for next week."

(by-the-way, it's scheduled for 7:00am on Wednesday)

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