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Sponge Bob


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I was wrapping a friends birthday gift in sponge bob wrapping paper on Friday. All of a sudden I started laughing....my husband asked what is going on w/me.....I said, "Pop's LOVED sponge bob so I buried him in his military uniform and his favorite flannel sponge bob boxer shorts." I had forgotten to tell anyone. Even though sponge bob gets on my nerve, I have to chuckle everytime I see him.....gosh I miss Pop's.......


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oh that is soooo cute! I am sure your dad would've loved it!

Some of my brother's buddies put a golf ball and tee in his hands before the viewing. All of his family loved it and left it. It was just great. Dick would've loved that too!

Glad you can find glimpses of peace through humor.

Cindi o'h

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This is just too cute! I know this is bringing lots of smiles!!! What a great sense of humor your dad must have had!!! Thanks for sharing this! Lord knows we can use some smiles around here!!!!

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