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not exactly a test but... - UPDATED


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I am on my way right this second to accompany suki to the oncologist, to learn whether adjuvent chemo is still an option for her, in light of what she went through with post-op complications.

we hope that the choice whether to have chemo is HERS, and not determined by the complications. ultimately, however, we know it's in god's hands.

so I am asking for prayers that suki's doctors are guided into giving her the right treatment, and she has the peace and strength to accept their recommendations, no matter what.

thanks, you guys.




The doc wants to give her 2 more weeks to recover from her cardiac tamponade and pericardial window procedure before he says yes or no to chemo. If she's not ready in 2 weeks, no traditional chemo. If she is, she'll decide whether she wants to go through it.

The good news is that she tested positive for the marker that suggests Tarceva will work well for her, and she'll get that either way - with or without other chemotherapy.

In all, it was a pretty darn anticlimactic visit, though we consider the Tarceva possibility a good opportunity for her.

More later, thank you SO MUCH for the prayers.



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