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It's a little funny...

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After battling with the insurance companies and doctor's office for a few weeks, Mom finally got to go see the ENT (who ruled out the cancer in her vocal cords!!!).

While this is GREAT news, the stress of actually getting to the Dr's office was annoying and an unnecessary delay. The Dr himself was fabulous, but his office staff was horrible. Although she had be recommended to this particular Dr by her onc. and pulm., the "ladies" in the ENT's office told my mom she should find a another Dr. Apparently Mom would have to pay 20% upfront if she went to the chosen Dr--no exceptions.

After convincing Mom that we kids would all split the cost with her if it got to be too much, she finally got the app't (weeks passed during this time). The office staff reminded us several times that she would have to pay the 20% up front. Enough already.

At the end of the day, Mom's part was $38.00. I offered to spilt it with her. :lol: All that fuss for a lousy $38.

But the diagnosis...priceless!

:) Kelly

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Finding out the cancer was not in your mom's vocal chords was indeed pricless. Don't you just hate it when people make such a big fuss over something as small as $38.00. This so reminds me of an episode I had at the gym last week. I had bought a wonderful cookbook for $8.00 that was written by the gym's dietician. The book is filled with healthy low fat recipes. My soon to be DIL loved the book so I bought her one. I must have looked like a pauper because when I told the lady at the counter I wanted to buy a cookbook she said..."You know they're $8.00." This ticked me off a little and I said..."Yes, I Know. This is the second one I am buying." Then she said..."Why would you want two?" It wasn't just what she said but also the terrible tone of her voice. Personally, I think it was just too much bother for her to deal with!!! But...I am so happy to hear your good news about your mom. Just sorry to hear there are so many nasty people in this world. They should all be nice and grateful that they aren't in your mom's shoes and dealing with this monster disease!!!

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