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Getting to Know You.....Day 3


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Well, pre LC it would have been 5 14 carat gold bracelets that I wore ALL the time.

Since LC it WAS the yellow cancer bracelet. But now it is the Breathe Deep bracelet. It does go with everything - dress up weddings to bbq's. My DH and I go nowhere without it. As for the gold bracelets...well, hope they are still in the jewelry box! Plan on giving them all away!


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I spoke before of my work clothes,

My home clothes is always Jeans and a top, Sweat top in winter and sometimes an Eagles Jersey (but will not wear my TO Jersey)!! In the fall & winter I have this set of grey valour sweats that is so comfy. I love it. Perhaps too much. I just bought another in maroon.

See ya,


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Since I was home most of the day ( would be the same if I was out probably) I have on some seersucker pants (elastic waist) and a polo shirt. I am a very tailored and casual kind of gal. I wear my wedding ring and watch and if I leave my house I put on some plain silver loops. Not very stylish but me.

In the winter I am almost always in sweats, elastic waisted cords or jeans. The more comfy the better. I almost always have on slacks. Don't like panty hose and heels any more. I guess I am just too settled to worry about what anyone thinks of what I have on.

My husband on the other hand, is always neat. Nice shorts, slacks or jeans and always a nice shirt. On Sundays it is a suit and tie. I stand proudly beside him with my little pants suit on (again with elastic waist).


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