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IMPORTANT: Lisa tape (edited) 8-23


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If you read this earlier disregard it I updated it today. I found the segment of Lisa that I could not find earlier. It is about 2 hours into the tape.

First of all I want to say that Lisa has a copy of the tape that she can send to you via email which you can then download. I did it and it came out great.

Any people who would rather have Lisa send it to them via email, let me know and I will take you off the list.

I would like to say, Lisa you were great, and really got your point across. You have a wonderful family.

The list is back to where it was.

Maryanne- VHS - (sent)

Ry VHS (Sent)

MurielK DVD (sent)

Cindi o'h DVD (sent)

NancyB DVD (Sent)

Kaffie DVD (sent)

MissyK DVD

bbays DVD

Elnodel VHS (sent)

dadstimeon VHS

Kimmek DVD

Again, if anyone just wants to download it from Lisa, let me know and I will take you off the list.


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For some reason, the email works for some and not for others... it does not seem to work for aol users as the mailboxes jam too quickly. For those who PM'd me and did not get it - please let us know so we can try again or get you a hard copy!!!



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Hi Lisa,

It worked for me fine the other day, and I have AOL. Maybe some people do not have High speed and it is taking too long to download. :roll:

Anyway, it did work for me.

If it does not work for people...remember we do have 2 DVD's we are sending out for people to view and pass on.


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Okay Kasey,

I took you off the list.

Anyone else on the list if you got the download and were able to successful in viewing it. let me know here, and when I come back on Sunday, I will remove you from the list.

I hope I have nothing but good news when we get back from Vermont.

See ya all,

Maryanne & Joel

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