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Mom Decided it had Been Too Long...


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She hadn't been in the hospital in a while, so she decided to go back for a visit on Sunday! :lol: Not anything "serious" unless you consider extreme fatigue, the "normal" chemo side effects, and severe pain in feet and lower legs (chemo also) "serious". The doctor told her that not only was she extremely dehydrated, she was not eating NEARLY enough, either. So, he told her she would be keeping them company until HE was satisfied she would be eating and drinking enough at home. So far she's feeling a little better with the bags of fluid they've put in...said the "dizzy" is better, at least. The feet are still hurting her badly, but the dr told her that he'd keep working with her on finding something that didn't make her feel too drugged but would take care of the pain.

On a super good note...she got the bite plate, mask, and stealth mri done today for the SRS tomorrow!! Bye-bye last lil tumor and we're praying it'll leave her empty headed!!!!

Just a quick update...all is still good, as long as she'll eat more than she wants to! :shock:

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that's good news. Dehydration is terrible and I know that for some, even if they drink all day, they still get dehydrated. (like my dad).

He also had trouble with his appetite. Is your mom taking anything to stimulate her appetite? My dad took a prescription called Megace and it helped him to gain back 25 of the 30 pounds he had lost while on chemo. He was a skinny guy already so maintaining an appetite was always an issue for him.

Prayers that your mom begins to feel better soon.


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The dehydration is most likely why she was dizzy. It also takes away your appetite and sense of thirst so it becomes a vicious circle-- you need to eat ant drink but you don't have the desire. I hope she is home soon.


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I'll send over my Jewish grandmother to torture your mom into eating. :lol: in the meantime, I hope she feels better! I am glad the docs are being so vigilant with her. hopefully she'll be home soon.

miss you, missy - it's so good to hear from you! I think I'll PM when you I have a sec later...best for the SRS, and keep us posted!



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Glad your mom is beginning too feel a bit better but sorry she had to make a trip to the hospital! I would guess your doctors have also mentioned Ensure to help boost the calories for someone who does't feel like eating, My Dad has dropped weight and the doctors want him to try to have 2 Ensure a day. He's not thrilled with this but if you get the Ensure Plus, the can has about 330 calories (I think).

Will be looking for an update on your mom soon.

gail p-n

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That dehydration is a beastie. Mom has to be extremely careful of that because she also has an osteomy and poor kidney functioning. I tell ya, she's a ramblin' wreck! I keep offering to give her a fat transfusion, but her doctor is still working out the details...

:) Kelly

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Well, they got tired of her there at the hospital...they hit her with the SRS and then kicked her out!!! She's home and feeling better, so i hear. Thanks all for your support, encouragement, and advice...finally a "normal" problem from her! LOL Love and prayers for all,

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yep I'm home .. The SRS went well ( as far as I can tell ) still have to wait at least 30 days to find out if this worked.

This one was faster - probally because this tumor is smaller than the first. Hopefully the onc can figure out which chemo won't cause so many side effects for me.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement .. Hate this fight - BUT - the fight goes on..

I have 2 weeks before the next chemo.. going to enjoy feeling / stronger and better each day!!

Love all you guys !!


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