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Vibe Machine

Mike Evans

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Has anyone had any experience with a device called a vibe machine?IT was invented by a man named Gene Koontz in Colo.His machine was invented about 28 months ago and created all kinds of positive testimonials regarding it's results on all types of health issues including some pretty incredible stories about lung cancer.I just finished listening to a internet radio program called achieveradio.com and was blown away by some of the testimoinials.I believe the mans web site is www.vibemachine.com.It sounds like he has further developed the technologies of electromagnetic approach to healing such as the rife machine.Mike Evans

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I must admit that I have NEVER heard of anything like that and it sounds a little freaky!! However...there was a guy who attended my monthly lung cancer suport group at The Wellness Community a few months back who had gone through a series of electromagnetic treatments and his small-cell LC seemed to be stabalizing.....

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Hi Mike.

I have a machine that uses microelectric current for healing and pain relief. I haven't used it for awhile and was pretty sick when I was using it. Something changed during that time.. was it the biofeedback that I was doing? The new medication that I was taking? Or just the illness running its course?

The machine was $999. Not an inexpensive toy. It uses electrodes on the ears to transmit the micro current. Or there are wands that can be positioned on any area of concern. I was impressed with the explanation of the background and technology.

The machine was paid for in total by my insurance company. And, you know, they don't pay for just any old thing.....!!!!! That is what sealed the deal for me.

Good luck in your investigation. And trust your gut, guy! They hardly ever do lie!

Cindi o'h

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My Mum used the Rife Machine. I understand there are many different types etc. I know that Dad did alot of research into this before choosing one and using it etc. He felt that it could definitely be useful. Unfortunately for us, Mum's cancer was not cured by Rife or anything else, however she did live for two years post diagnosis, which far exceeded the average for a Stage IV diagnosis. If you would some more information about Rife, please PM me and I will see what I can find out for you.

Wishing you well


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