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Results from my FIL's Mediatinoscopy


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We got a call with the results at about 4 pm yesterday. There were 3 lymph nodes that they were worried about - they did find cancer in one of them, but not the other two. His surgeon consulted with 4 other doctors, and they all concluded that the best course of action was to go ahead with the surgery tomorrow, and to take the 3 lymph nodes out during the surgery.

It is going to be a tough go for him - removing 1/3 of his lung, 3 lymph nodes, plus fixing the hiatal hernia - we are hoping that he does well.

Not sure about the future - if they will still want Chemo and radiation - I am presuming that they will, but I don't think that my FIL and MIL can handle thinking about that right now. We just need to get through the surgery and get him on the road to recovering from that.

I will keep you posted!

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Newer protocol states chemo and radiation after surgery. Of course, any treatment needs to be something the patient and oncologist agree on. He should be fine after surgery, far more pain medication than he would have received for just a hernia...

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Anytime I hear of someone who is a candidate for surgery I applaud! It sounds so good that they can do all of this for him. I am so grateful that although much of this seems barbaric, that is what we have. We have polished surgeons and the finest doctors in the world to take care of us and our loves.

Yes. One hurdle at a time. You will have time to absorb this before thinking about decision-making over the rest.

Best of luck with the lobectomy and all!

Cindi o'h

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Cindi took the words right out of my mouth! Although he faces a rough challenge ahead, you FIL got good news in that report.

Take one step at a time. The first step - the test results - was positive and in your FIL's favor. The next steps can be, too!

Sending all caring thoughts and strength your way.


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