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Tar ceva


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Hi all! mom just got put on tarceva today after she had progression with taxotere. Just wonder how it worked for you and if there is a group it seems to work better for. I am worried I am just praying she will have postive results. She looks great and feels great and is still working full time. Hope all is well you continue to be in my prayers.

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I've answered this question a bunch on this site, mostly because Tarceva has so far been wonder drug for my mom. She has had the side effects (rash, dry skin, diarrhea, mouth sores--though not all at the same time), but her tumors have not grown since she was on it. Her dr. has said it will probably be a life-long med for her, but she can live with that.

Remember that everyone reacts differently. Soon you will have your own story to add to all of ours! Good luck with it, and let us know how she is doing.

:) Kelly

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I truly hope that Tarceva works with your mom. It has been a wonder drug for me. Alot less side effects that the Taxotere and I feel like a normal person again. Keep us posted on her response.

Good Luck!

Living Life,


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I'm sure your search turned this up, but there are two genetic markers doctors have isolated which seem to predict good results on Tarceva. my mom has one, so she'll get it as an adjuvent treatment, even though it is primarily used in people with existing tumors.

good luck! let us know how she does with it, we're all interested.



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