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Tingling/numbness in leg?


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Hi all, I was able to travel to see my FIL at his home over the weekend, visited with them, checked up on things, mowed the grass for them (one of his biggest worries!!).

He is doing terrific, and thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers as he went through surgery and now is recovering.

One thing that bothers me is that on Sat he mentioned that his left thigh felt a little numb and tingly. He thought that it had started shortly after taking a pain pill, so I recommended that they keep an eye on it. On Sunday, he said again that it just didn't feel right, that if he rubbed it it just didn't feel "there", like he wasnt rubbing his leg. So, I told them that they should call the dr, I was worried that it could be a blood clot or something. On the phone, the dr had him move it this way and that, and based on what he could tell it didn't sound like a blood clot...it still is troubling me though. Has anyone had this? Could it be that there is a tumor somewhere else that is causing this?

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