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Blood Transfusion

Remembering Dave

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Hello, this is Karen, David C's wife. Dave had a blood transfusion yesterday and did great! He finished his 6th round of chemo two weeks ago and his lab work Monday showed his count to be the lowest yet, so his oncologist's nurse recommended the transfusion. I thought he would get on-line this morning and post but I think he's feeling so well (or thinks he is) that he's already showered and left the house. He's trying to get the travel trailer we bought last fall and our tow vehicle ready for camping as soon as he's ready, hopefully in August. We planned on taking lots of weekend camping trips with our beautiful new daughter starting this spring but that darn lung cancer interrupted our plans! Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know he had a transfusion and did very well, no reactions or anything, just a long day of relaxing in a hospital bed watching the James Bond DVD I picked up for him!

Best to everyone,

Karen C.


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Hi Karen and David,

I was wondering where he went too!! That is great news that David is doing so well. :D:D:D So glad to hear your all planning to enjoy the rest of the summer months going camping. That's AWESOME!!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Go HAVE SOME FUN!! You all Deserve it!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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