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You won't believe the week I've had


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I think it is time for me to check in again. I think I should have titled this You won't believe the weeks I've had.

Last month I changed my schedule so I get off early. I don't drive when it gets too close to dark. I was also looking forward to having more time at home. I was almost caught up finally after months of working very long hours.

Well first of all I knew that I needed two new tires and an alignment on my car. Well I had the money for it I thought. I would have too if they only charged for the tires and alignment. I just didn't count on things like disposal of the old tires(seperate charge) valve stems (seperate charge) and several other things that were seperate charges. Well all of those charges added up to me having to borrow money to buy gas when gas went up fifty cents a gallon the same week.

Easy answer. My boss knows I need the work so she calls me first. She is very good to all of her employees. She also says that she knows that she can depend on me. It seems too that my clients and their families have been saying some nice things about me. So I got the extra work. Extra overnights and Saturdays. Once again I thought that I would finally be even. Yea Right :!:

I was so worried about my kids during the huricanes that I was constantly trying to call them. It was very hard to get in touch with them. Home phones and cell phones were just not working right. I just didn't realize how often we did conect until I got my cell phone bill. I had gone more than 100 minutes over my allowed minutes. So I'm in the hole again. No problem just work more.

I knew that I had a problem with my car. I was waiting until I got the money to get it checked out. It didn't seem like a major problem so I held off as long as I could. I still need my propane so I can have hot showers this winter. My last check was supposed to buy my propane and pay to get my car checked. After all I was working all of those extra hours. My check was due Friday. Well you guessed it. My car had other ideas :!:

Last Friday was a very long day. I had worked all day Thursday then did an overnight job. This is a lady who is 97 years old. Usually she is very easy not this time. She had a very sever pain that made her want to walk a lot but the pain made it hard for her to walk. She would walk a while with me right beside her then she would want to lay down. She couldn't get into her bed alone. I would help her to bed by putting my right arm under her shoulders and my left under her knees and turning her up onto the bed from a sitting position. No sooner would she be down than she was up again. That went on until 9 that night. I must have helped her into her bed 10 or 12 times. I really slept well that night or as well as I can when I know I have to keep one ear open in case she has a problem. At 5 the next morning she was up.

My relief got there at 8. I left there and drove to an extra job before my regular job started at 10. I worked there for an hour and a half then on to my other job. Worked there for 3 hours then had to drive to the next town from here and work another. This time giving my client her shower(the one who hadn't showered for months when I first went to her). After her shower I changed her bed and cooked for her. Two hours there then stop at the extra place I went that morning for another hour. Then drop my time sheets off at the office and go home.

I was so tired and just wanted to get home. I was worried about my car too hoping it would hold out until my check the following Friday. Well on the way home it started missing and the service engine light came on. I was on the small climb coming home. Still had the big one ahead of me. My nerves were really shot by then. Then the car made the big climb like there was nothing wrong. No light came on and no missing. I got home and just about colapsed. I waited two hours before I even felt like eating. Spent part of Saturday on house work and the rest of the time trying to rest but I just couldn't because I was so worried about my car and that drive to town Monday.

I decided that I just couldn't wait. My nerves were just too messed up worrying about that drive everyday. This is just not the kind of road that you want to stall on. I made it to town fine Monday and I had my normal Monday and Monday night client. Tuesday I asked for the day off so I could get my car fixed. I had to go to a cash advance place and borrow the money against my check. They would only let me get $255 and they charged $38. I had no choice.

The put the machine on my car and couldn't find anything. The service engine light wouldn't come on again. Finally after changing one small part that was bad they checked for a code from the computer that it had saved from when the light had come on. That gave them an idea of what the problem might be but the light never would come back on. They drove it and it still gave that little bump feeling that I had been feeling but they couldn't get the light to come back on. I was told that it might be the sensor that the code had indicated but it is a $200 part and it still might not be that. I should drive it and wait for the service engine light to come on and stay on. Then they would know for sure. I was a wreck driving home and wouldn't you know on that same climb it did it again :!:

When I got home I was so upset. I was disillusioned and worried and afraid to drive it again but I had no choice. I have to drive to work and I drive from job to job. I wasn't sure if I could get the money to fix it either. When I called the shop the man told me that I should bring in back in and if it had the same code stored they would change the part. He said that is what he would do if it was his. So I called my bank and got a loan against my check. Another $30 fee. Dropped the car off Wednesday and they took me to my job and then changed the part. It was done by the time I got off of that job and they picked me up. I got my car and paid another $255. I went on to my other job and had no problems with my car. On the way home that evening I was still worried that it would do it again. That maybe it was not what they changed that was wrong with it. I had myself in a real state. I made it home fine with no problems. I drove it Thursday and Friday and all seems well. I am so thankful. My whole check went to pay back what I had borrowed but I was so relieved to have my car back working right. To buy gas I got another advance from the bank.

Once again enter my boss to the picture. She called me with a weeks job that will pay $825. That will make up for what I spent and the day of work that I lost. I will lose some of what I would have earned with my other jobs but still make up for what the car cost me. I should have known. Everytime things seem so bad and I don't know what to do or how to figure them out God finds a way that I would never have dreamed of.

Sorry. Seems I have written a book here but I think I just needed to vent. I was really feeling overwhelmed for awhile.

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You week sounds like my week every week!! There is just never enough money to do what needs to be done. I get so tired of robbing peter to pay paul. I also have done those payday advances and they eat you alive with the finance charges!! But like you, what else can i do? When my mom needs a rx filed I am going to do whatever it takes!! I had to buy a battery this week for my car,its always something, but at least here gas is slowly dropping, I paid 2.56 a gallon yesterday to fill up, which is about 30 cents lower than a few weeks ago.

I have always said things will get better but i am really beginning to wonder as nothing ever changes, its always something. Hang in there and vent anytime>


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Lil...Although I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad week, I am relieved to know that I'm not the only one that seems to have those things happen to me. I guess this is like the old saying...one step forward and two steps back. You have come so far since Johnny died and have made us all so proud of you. I know that whatever obstacles you are now meeting will soon be history. You're a strong and wonderful person. Anyone that has you for a caregiver is so lucky!!! Just have faith and keep keeping on!!!

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Hi Lil,

Your like the Energizer bunny, you keep going and going and going. :roll:

Please when you are caught up with your money situation, please find that valued time you desperately need for yourself.

Incredible week. :shock: Please relax.

Maryanne :wink:

PS. It cost my son $400.00 to get a new sensor for his car. You got a deal. I would keep that mechanic if I were you.

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