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Florida Folks checkin in


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Hi,,,,I am okay here in New Smyrna Beach which is a bit below Daytona Beach. I live on a barrier island, so there are only 2 bridges on or off. One bridge is closed due to very high winds. All in all,,,its just some rain and high winds. Not as bad as Charley. I had my hurricane boxes in the living room, and Dad and I camped out there overnight just in case they came knockin at our door telling us to leave. Hope our other Floridians will check in so we know they are okay!!!



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I just wanted to check in , we live in Ft. Myers, just north of Naples so we were just out of the eye wall. I happen to be in Michigan right now, planned trip with my kids, to my hometown. Worked out perfect and now it been extended till friday when I can get a flight out!!!

My DH is at home in FL and have spoken to hin as well as my parents in Naples and everything is fine. No one has power but no damage.

Hope the rest of you fellow floridians are as lucky as we were.

God Bless,


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We are just east of Orlando. We've had lots of rain and one small branch fell on the lawn. We're still getting wind gusts - but not enough to do much damage. It's cool (cold?) outside. This is the first time we've been able to open the windows since last spring. Wonderful! Haven't lost the electricity.

Hope everyone else comes out of this ok.

Muriel K

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Checking in here from Naples, Fl! My phone just came back on today, Wednesday night, but we've had electricity since Monday evening around 5:00. We did fine. Thank God. Just a broken screen door and a tree tilted over, nothing major. We were/are very, lucky. 45% of people in this community still don't have electricity and I think a Tornado went through a few blocks away. They said Collier county lost about 50% of it's trees! I saw a 200 yr. old oak, giant, giant tree toppled over and the roots all exposed. Thanks for thinking of us!!!



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