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Do you still see miracles in life? Have you closed your eyes to them?

Someone today brought this to my attention and it opened my eyes again. I feel the need to share.

I know when my father had his first heartattack, it was a miracle that my girlfriend was the one who was working at the police dept at the time and was able to direct the responders to our house. We lived in a new housing area and it was hard to find anyones house there. But there she was to guide them.

When Randy was first in the hospital and the day we were told he would not survive but we had sometime, a good friend of ours happened to be standing in the lobby of the hospital as I was going outside to cry. She just was standing there because what brought her there was a false alarm. When she went to leave she felt like she just needed to stand there for a minute and then I walked in. She was shocked to see me there and asked why I was there. I told her what we had just learned and she sat with me and prayed and held me as I cried. It felt like the arms of God holding me to give me strength.

The when my mother passed this last spring, I was the one who talked to her last and was able to tell her it was okay to go. It was my last gift I could give her.

All of these instances were miracles to me because God guided each of us in what we had to do.

Are my eyes open again to miracles, Gods blessings? They are now because someone reminded me that miracles and blessing from God happen every day, we just have to open our eyes to see them.

Thank you to all that are here. Thank you for sharing, for caring, and for just being the people you are.

Have you seen a miracle today?

Praying for us all.

Much love,


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Thank you Shirley I really needed that reminder today.

Yes I did see a miracle today. A lady that is so very special to me did something for the first time today. It has always been me talking her into a shower that got her there. When I first went to care for her she had gone weeks without one because she wouldn't let anyone help her. Today when I asked if she wanted to eat first or shower she said "shower". It seems such a little thing but I have waited so long for this day.

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Thank you for your post. I am looking for miracles. With the recent loss of my brother, his death brought us other 6 siblings and our divorced parents together...for sadness yes, :cry: but real togetherness. With the illness of my husband and my loss of him....my brother Ron who just died..we spend so much time together as he helped me thru Mike's illness and death. We had taken a trip to Memphis together in Sept and met my sister and her husband there. We had the time of our lives. I will always have those wonderful memories. I miss Mike and Ron so much. God bless, Nancy C

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Thank you for your post. That too was a miracle for me. You see I have seen so many miracles lately and I just thought they were coincidences. Your post was a reminder to me that I have experienced miracles and I need to be thankful. I am. I finally came to realize that a coincidence is not a miracle. A miracle is a miracle is a miracle. Thank God for the miracles.


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I now realize I already had a miracle today. This is deer mating season and early in the morning they are everywhere. Yesterday I saw one dead on county Rd 42. Last night on the news they were saying that a deer had tried to "bread into the state capital building" It broke a window then it headed to the governor and his daughter in the parking lot.

Well this morning my husband has to go in for extra time at work and we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast at 6 am. He went to work and I drove home up county rd 5. I had stopped and looked over a display in the "country store" of Cracker Barrel then started home. Up ahead I saw a deer crossing the road. I realize now if I had not stopped for that moment I would problably hit that deer!

Donna G

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