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Thank you Everyone


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Thank you for all the prayers!!!

You are an AMAZING group of people, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Answering some of the questions.

They told us that his primary tumor (on the right lung) has shrank but is still there, and the MRI taken back in March showed 3 new nodules inside the "left lung".

The oncologist said that he has multiple brain lesions on both hemispheres of the brain, also back of the head and front (forehead) and they already have given him everything available (chemos) and there hasn't been much difference...He ahs 2 new huge lumps under the arms (axilla area), the doctor is surprised that he is functioning well, because according to the amount of tumors he has, he should have been blind, paralized, and probably dead by now.

He has been taking Decadron daily (for over 3 months) and just Tarceva... He is a walking miracle... He is extremmelly swollen, especially from the steroids and his head is Huge (like a pumpkin) but I believe is from the swelling that the tumors are causing... He has a lot of rash (pimple like) on his face, and body but those are side effects from Tarceva... Lately he has been showing signs of neurological problems such as shaking a lot... When he sleeps, one side of his body will tremble a lot (right side) and then stops and again it will continue with the left side...

I don't want him to suffer and he doesn't know that many of those symptoms are from the brain tumors, his wife decided not to tell him!

PS: The doctors have said that there's nothing else they can do for him at this time... He has tried almost everything! and his cancer is too agressive!

Please keep him in your prayers and thank you so much for all the replies!

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