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I couldn't do it.


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Yesterday I went to a local jeweler for a watch battery. While I was waiting for it to be installed the jeweler asked me I would like to buy some raffle tickets.

The prize is a beautiful pink saphire and white gold "ribbon" on a pink cord!

My imediate thought is, oh no not pink again......that was last month, where's the clear (diamond?) one? When I mentioned last month being breast cancer month, he said the hospital had too much on in October and the draw is next month.

The whole time we're having this conversation my mind is working overtime...I'm trying to find a way to say WHAT ABOUT LUNG CANCER MONTH, but I can't figure a way without it seeming mean spirited toward breast cancer funding. In my head I can hear this voice saying that they've already had their month and now it's spilling over into ours.

We've had this "conversation" here so many times that I really don't have to explain why these thoughts were racing around, I just didn't know what to say without seeming to be confrontational to someone who was donating an expensive piece of jewelery to a worthy cause.

I wonder if the problem is that because I'm the patient, and have had dealings with this man before, it was going to be a personal cause on my part - a pouty, what about me kind of thing. I guess I didn't want to put him on the spot because of his choice of charities.

I drove home angry with myself for chickening out and not being the spokesperson I knew I should have been, maybe it would have been easier had I not known and liked the jeweler.

Anyway, I'm not beating myself up about it, just confessing to my momentary lack of initative. My five bucks may make the difference to find the cure for all types of cancer.

Hey and who knows, I do look good in pink!!!!


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I don't think you chickened out, Geri. I think you are wise enough to pick appropriate battles and real enemies. He may be creating and donating the pink ribbon because someone he loves has breast cancer.

So, if and when you feel more comfortable doing so maybe you can approach him and ask him if he would be willing to create and donate a piece for Lung Cancer Research.

But no way am I ever going to buy into the idea that you chickened out. I think in this instance you used very good judgement.

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Fay's so smart!

Two teachers at my school are BC survivors, and every year we do a jeans day for BC donations. Of course, last year I wondered about "my/our" day...and I bet folks would be open to the idea (we love jeans days :lol: ), but I don't want to take anything away from my survivor friends either. They are both amazing women, who have really helped me along this jouney as well.

I feel ribbon envy at times myself, but I'll just do my part when I can. No one will give you the business over this, Geri. We're proud of all you do!

:) Kelly

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I do (sorta) know how you feel. Well, not really because my dad is the one with LC, but I'm just so tired of pink. My mom has a breast cancer doormat, (if you can believe it) and when I mentioned that I needed a new front doormat she mentioned getting a breast cancer one. I couldn't help it and said, "Breast cancer has enough support, they don't need my help." She understands my frustration of course, because she feels the same way, but anyway...

It's just hard to see LC not getting the attention is needs.


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