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I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice/support in the past.

My dad developed hypercalcemia in August and was succesfully treated to keep symptoms at bay. It reoccured in Sept and again successfully treated. In October the symptoms returned quickly and they treated him to enable him to come home. He came home in good spirits and in no pain. He had a lovely week at home and only needed a small dose of morphine for the last 2 days of him life. he was up and about until the second last day and in the last two days he wasn't very aware of what was happening.

On the morning that he died, my mum got me up because his breathing had changed (he hadn't had any breathing difficulties). His breathing was slower, we held his hand and he opened his eyes for the first time in 2 days. We spoke quitely and calmly to him, told him we loved him and he slipt away. It was very peaceful and serene. I didn't want him to go, but of all the ways he could go it couldn't have been better for him. We loved having him home for that special last week and we said all we needed to. I thought I would be so scared, but in the end I was glad that he wasn't going to suffer and that a painful, traumatic end to him life would not occur.

He died on the 21st October and there is a huge whole in our lives, but I like to think that he has been set free from a cancer ridden body and is keeping a good eye on us from wherever he is.

I hope this gives comfort to those who may have to face this in the future, we couldn't fault the medical staff, they went out of their way to make everything as easy as possible for us and my Dad.

Love and thoughts to eveyrone going through something similar

Love and thoughts


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Thank you and take comfort that you will be together some day. You have an angel looking over you until that time comes. Will say a prayer for your family

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Fi, so very sorry to learn of your fathers passing. I am so glad you seem to have come to terms with his death. Yes, we need to believe that they are pain free and are no longer suffering. It is so hard to let them go but I think most of us would make a decision not to bring our loved ones back if they were in pain and suffering. Thanks for sharing such a warm and heartfelt post with us. I'm sure there are so many people here that will find comfort in your words.

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My deepest condolences goes out to you and your mom.

You dad had a beautiful passing with his love ones by his side. When he opened his eyes he knew then that it was his time. You were blessed to be there when his soul left that diseased body behind.

He is so much at peace right now. He will always live on through all those wonderful memeories the two of you shared throughout your lives together.

Peace be with you,


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