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please god no more bad news


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we keep getting kicked.

today we had to take mom back to the ONC. because we could not get her to stay awake. He tested everything.

1) she is severely allergic to Taxotere so that chemo has been stopped. She had shortness of breath, feet swelled, rash, itching, extreme lethargy.

2) now we are going back to Taxol/Carbo even though moms cancer regrouped when that 5 rounds were over.

3) onc. did not want to say in front of mom so he just called us at home. Moms liver counts are up. "WHY!" I asked. he said 1st guess is because of the Dilantin she is on now for seizure she had in the hospital last week. Said Dilantin is processed in the liver and in people with liver disease, older adults, or people with grave illnesses it could cause elevated counts. I asked "IS IT CANCER" he said PET scan 2 weeks ago showed nothing. SO on Friday mom has to get dragged back to ONC. office. if liver counts dont go down. She has to go back into the hospital to find out why liver count is up.

We haven't told her about liver count because her twin sister 4 years ago got cancer, surgery, liver went and she died quickly. My mom is convinced the same thing is happening to her. Course the lady in this bed doesn't seem like my mom at all.

My mom is only 61 but this lady looks 90. She doesn't speak to us. She cant walk without help. she is very very sleepy and has to have all meds, food and water through a tube in her tummy.

GOD WE CANT TAKE ANYMORE. please for just one moment, give me back my mom!!!!!!!

whats got me scared too is her twin died on 8/26/99. August 26th is coming up and i am freaking out that my mom will go on that day too.

please someone ask god for a miracle for my mom.

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I have said a special prayer for your mom requesting a miracle that she be healed. God is good, he hears our prayers and if we ask in Jesus name in our prayers, they will be answered. I will keep you and your mon in my prayers. Please keep us posted on your mom's progress.

God Bless and praying for a miracle and "CURE " for all of us



Dx 3-03 - 3a NSC

38 treatments radiation

8 wkly treatments taxol/carbo

2 treatments taxol/carbo (every 3 weeks, started 7-23-03)

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My dad was experiencing some of the same issues with dilantin(especially the rash and lethargy, extremely low blood counts, etc).

you can do a google search for Dilantin hypersensitvity, or side effects. Has your mother had her dilantin levels done(blood test). Is she still on the dexadron?(steroid) If that is removed to quickly after radiation that can lead to a return of symptoms or new symptoms from even slight swelling in the brain. We are still trying to get him off the dilantin but the docs want to give it more time(what a bunch of incompetents). They seem to think it is from celebrex and zantac(very rare).


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