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Randy is gone.


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Hi everyone,

Randy passed away tonight.

He had surgery last Saturday because of an infection. He just wasn't strong enough anymore. His heart quit. I am missing him so much already. His birthday is Sunday and I have a stack of cards that friends had sent that I was saving for him to give him all at once. We thought we would have alittle more time but God said it wasn't to be. We prayed for miracles and we got them. We had friends show up at the oddest of places just when we needed them. We had enough time for the kids to see him while he was feeling good. He had time to know and accept that this was God's will and it was totally in God's hands. Please do not take for granted the ones you love. Try to make a difference. We all knew it could happen any time but we were praying for more.

I love you Randy.


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So sorry to learn of your loss. I know just how difficult this time is for you. Keep busy. Spend time with your family and friends and try very hard to remember the good times. I have been where you are today and am a good listener. If you need a sounding board that understands your situation, I am here for you. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.....Ann

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Shirley, I don't know what to say it is such a loss. I am so sorry. I read here that every one had a chance to see him and he had a time to accept his illness. I hope Michael met him at the gate and has planned his birthday party. I know Randy will always watch over you. Praying for your peace and your families. Donna

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I'm deeply saddened to hear of your loss, and send you my heartfelt sympathies. It's good to read how well your faith has sustained you in such difficult times.

You're right in saying that one shouldn't take loved ones for granted. It's so important to have people to whom we matter.

Again, I'm agrieved to read of your loss.

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