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Go For the Gold - Phase I Clinical Trial


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After some research and opinions from several other ONC's, I've decided to go on the Clinical Trial. It involves Gemcitibine combined with Zemplar, a man made Vitamin D. I'll be in it for 2 to 12 months. It involves Zemplar one day and Gemzar the next for three weeks then a week off.

My Doc strongly recommended it since Gemzar was the first Chemo I was on combined with Carbo. Since I had moderate to good results the first time, she feels chances are good that I will at least stay stable on it. Makes sense to me. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I go in Thursday to have the medi-port installed as well as a full body CT and a bladder/kidney study. Then the following Tuesday I start the Chemo. Works out so I will be off over Xmas and New Years.

Hoping and praying for fabulous results, maybe even rid my entire body of cancer. However as always, will be elated with stable. Will keep you all posted.


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