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It's been a while since I posted anything - but I've been watching everyone.

I was in quite a depression for a while. I really didn't care about posting.

I was in the hospital the first week of November. Because of the problems breathing the doc decided to hold my Tarceva for 2 weeks. After starting it back up - I don't seem to have as many side effects as the first time I took it.

( at least as of now )

Went for my follow up CT on Tuesday 11/29 - the results were so encouraging...CT showed the primary tumor has shrunk by 20% in the 3 weeks I've been back on the Tarceva !!! No other cancers were found !! The onc wants to do a chest xray in 3 weeks.. We do another MRI of the brain in January, the last check (10/05 ) showed the 1st met is gone and the 2nd one is shrinking !!

I just had to share the good news .

The down side to all this is that when I talked to my sister tonight, she told me of a friend of hers was just dc'd with LC.

I sent the LC web site link to her. I hope we can give her encouragement too.

I tried to explain about all the wonderful people that are here.

Happy holidays to all.


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:D Hi Sue .. Thanks for letting me and Lori know about this site ...and by the way .. who is having the baby in Jan ... funny your sister finds out this way she is going to be an aunt again soon ....Congratulations to you and Becky or Missy or Mike ????

Will call again tomorrow with fully charged phone

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