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Confusion, Chemo Brain?


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Hi -

Lately my mom has been getting confused easily...not "I don't know who you are" confused but having problems with short term memory, details, finding the right word, etc. She has been through three rounds of chemo and is on Duragesic patches.....they are doing a brain MRI tomorrow (not for this specific reason, they just have not done one to date.)

With all the immobility from the bone mets, she is very shaky and has become quite frail --I do think she is more coherent when she is stimulated with movement (after the physical therapist comes, etc.)

Thoughts? Thanks as always.


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Holly My husband has also finished his third round of Chemo and is getting forgetfull. We just laugh about it and call it Chemo brain. We were told this might happen and I guess they were right.I asked Gary the other day does this happen to him at work also and he said yes it did and he just checks a project two or three times before he subments it.I am his memory at home and I will ask him two or three times what we need done or if he finished something before he had cancer he would have thought I was nagging but he knows why I am doing it now. I did not take what he use to do all the time away from him but i do recheck what he has done (he is not aware of this)this way he feels like he is not so forgetfull as well as needed.

Love and prayers


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I had my naturalization interview with chemo brain........it was mind boggling trying to remember everything so had a note from my onc to explain things, in case I had problems.

Wasn't asked anything harder than the colors of the flag etc.

I'm not sure that my memory and concentration levels have ever fully recovered or maybe it's just old age creeping up!

I think as long as it's recognized for what it is everyone has more patience.


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Just before my heart attack and then dx of nsclc I was finalizing a script which has been optioned by a Production Co. The attack, diagnosis, biopsy, and removal of lung made me put off the screenplay's polish for almost 6 weeks. So now I sit down with major scenes to change and discover what you all are mean when you talk about chemo brain. Not too bad right now. My brain seems a little mushy at times. Definitely not creative at the moment though.

Anyone else have a problem with lack of creativity or other CNS problems instead of just memory?

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