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Tarceva effect-water blisters where pain is?!


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Hi everyone~

My mom is experiencing something strange. She has been on Tarceva since July 2005 and had cyberknife surgery then too. She never got the Tarceva rash really at all- maybe that has changed: She has recently began having pain again in her back and now her right breast is very painful to the touch and it has a burning sensation. It seems that there are water blisters/bubbles on her back that break open and then she gets a rash that scabs over and is painful to the touch as well. On her breast and chest it is just a slight rash- no water blisters/bubbles.

Has anyone see or heard of this?? She sees her onc on Friday Dec. 16. You can also see the Prayer request forum as I have a strong feeling the scans she had on Monday Dec. 12 won't be good.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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You need to have the checked out by the doc asap. It could be a "true" allergic response to something, including the Tarceva. My son had something that started out like this that ended up covering his body, inside and out. His was a Steven's Johnson reaction.

The other thing that comes to mind is Shingles. Another thing could be a staph or strep infection in the skin (Impetigo). But please do not delay in having this evaluated by a medical professional. None of what I've mentioned is anything to let slide.

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It could be SHINGLES...or the dormant chicken pox virus inside our bodies. Many of us with chemo weakened immune systems are ripe for this painful condition. It usually attacks only one side of the body at a time. Treatment with oral meds needs to be started immediately when rash is detected to stave off long-lasting neuralgia. I've been hit with this stuff twice and it can be ferocious. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to bring it up to your doc.

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