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Please pray Melinda continues to seek support from this site


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Maybe I'm wrong but Melinda is not the the author of the "Cancer is a gift post".

More likely, she found it inspirational and chose to copy and paste it for the benefit of survivors here.

Stated in the post is "Fellow cancer patients, sensitive counselors and dear, dear friends complete my healing circle. The resounding grace of these individuals impacts the very essence of the human spirit. I was totally unprepared for the unconditional love that continues to envelop me during every encounter. On the devastating day of diagnosis, I hesitantly visited a cancer support center on the advice of my radiologist.

Am I the only one who caught this? I guess it comes down to the question, would you rather have cancer yourself or would you rather it visit a loved one?

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I do hope my post did not offend you. I was just speaking from my heart and said how I felt. I did think it was written by someone else and not you and that you had shared it. Thank you for that and for giving us all something to think about.

We love you here Melinda and I am praying that you continue to stay and to share what ever touches you're heart.

God Bless you Sweetie,


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