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Terrified - Loss of Movement


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Late last evening my mom starting complaining about pins/needles feeling in her left arm and leg - which then led to muscle weakness and lack of control in the leg. This morning she is unable to get up -- I am terrified. We have calls into the onc.

I am supposed to be induced to have a baby tomorrow and just can't stand everything that is going on. Does anyone have any ideas? Please pray for us.



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Holly! :shock:

Why or why does all this major stuff have to happen right at the same time?! Don't panic. Get mom's problems under control - hopefully easier than we might worry. Then your doctor can reschedule or induce or whatever you feel is best.

BREATHE! You'll get through this. EXHALE!

I hope I didn't make you feel I don't realise how terrified you are right now, Holly. I am so sorry this has happened. I just know that in moments of shock and terror things seems so much worse than they may be in the end. Let's hope that's the way this will all turn out.


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