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another diagnosis who is right can anyone help


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Just last week my mom took a turn for the worst severe pain and agony ..Hospitaized, doctor stated that a tumor in her aderenal gland had grown rapidly and was taking over also formed blood clots...Now under 24 hour care and was told only increasing morphine for pain (palative doctor) nothing else to be done..blood thinners very mild dose due to reaction making in her blood counts.

New doctor today Oncologist states he is going to perform radiation on the gland.. when just last week was told by the palative doctor can not perform radiation on glands...

I am so confused do not know what to think or who to trust with my mother care two different decisions all together ..My mom was advised the radiation would make her very ill and was only for pallative pain purposes..she beleives will shrink her tumors and she will be better good for her in that sense...

She still has the blood clots and is on the thinners does that effect anything with radiation?

Please if anyone has been through this or knows let me know ...I love roller coasters but this is one ride that is so scary and wish would end soon but unfortunelty I am afraid how this ride willl end and turn out..... :?:

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Whooo boy! :shock:

This is all way over my head. Only thing I can suggest is that you insist the two differing doctors speak to you and give you an adequate explanation for their opposing views. Don't be brushed off. This is part of their job, why they earn their salaries and they have no right to leave you feeling so unsure about your mom's treatment.

Good luck and I'm thinking of you. Hope the situation eases soon.

Here are some good links with info on radiation to the adrenal gland with lung cancer. All three said some version of this statement:

"The palliative radiation therapy can produce a high response rate in pain relief." Which means it is very likely to make your mom's pain reduce a lot. ... tion&hl=en


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... t=Abstract


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I think your mom should go see another oncologist and you go with her to discuss the radiation or no radiation and also ask why your mom can't have chemo because of the heart tumor. I think chemo has been done for heart tumors. You also might go to the Ask the Experts Forum and ask them about radiation and chemo. Consider going to a major cancer center. They could driect the treatment and it could be administered locally. I hope your mom gets some relief soon. I guess I would lean to starting the palliative treatment using radiation, but still seek consulation at a major cancer center.

Don M

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I'm so sorry to hear the pain and confusion you are in right now.

I wish I could help you, but I can't, BUT I'm hoping others will be here soon to give their advice....in the meantime I'll pray that the choices will come easily for you and your Mother will begin to feel better.



Thanks for the reply this sure is mind bogoling . Spoke to the doctors today and her homecare nurse.. Radiation is being used as a pain control pallative messure only not expecting shrinkage but if occurs excellent , they are just trying to ease her suffering . INformed her she will be sick ..not looking forward to that mom is not 111 pounds down form 150 since about september really don't want her to loose appetite and not eat again been down that road ..and trying to get them to listen when your not the parent is not always easy...I am sure lots of you know exactly what I am talking about...But that is what we endure for love and their well being ...thanks for listening and lending a helping hand

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Sorry everyone just new to this and getting the hang of how it all works ...So many new things and experience throughout all of this....

Well we are off to Kingston ...In Canada for another round of radiation...pallative measures only after discussing things with all doctors and nurse today...

Things change so quickly with this disease one day things look good and tne next can be ohh so bad..

Well thank you everyone for your replys and helping hand...I know I sure can use that alot these days


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