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Paracentesis and thoracentesis for Ron


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Ron's was put through riggers again over the past five days. A tumour showed up in the pelvis last week that sent him into radiation on Friday. He also saw his onc. and respirologist who comfirmed fluid again on the right lung and in the abdomen. 2000ccs of fluid was drained from the abdomen (not nearly enough) by a GP on Monday. Yesterday, the interventional radiologist removed 3000 ccs from the abdomen and 2000ccs from the lung. He had a much better night last night with finally being able to breathe and sleep. He actually was able to eat too. With all the fluid in his body he just goodn't eat and his shoulders, arms and legs show it. I'm trying to get lots of protein in to help build up some muscle. He's had a tough ride but he's so strong - he got sprung from the hospital on Saturday (they were checking for a blood clot in the lung) to travel to a "gig" two hours from here. His bass player and lead guitar player lifted him up on stage, sat him in a chair and strapped his guitar on. He sang most of the night, although he feels that he did not give it his best. He did all that with a ton of fluid is his body - no one can believe he was able to pull it off. We're calling him Rocky.

Ron loves Christmas so much - we're hoping we can keep him feeling well to enjoy the holidays. His doctors have been doing everything in their power to help. We are so lucky for this team.

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who supports and gives advice to us during this journey. We are 21 months since diagnosis and Ron is still not ready to give up. The stories of strength, courage and longevity really help to keep us positive.

Merry Christmas to All.


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Ron has too much music in his soul to give up. It's a powerful muse.

I smiled when I read he actually wanted to and was able to eat. It is such a great treat psychologically to nurture your body, enjoy taste and food in your tummy. That's a terrific sign.

Hope you both of the wonderful Christmas you want. Keeping you in my thoughts,


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They certainly took so much water from him :shock: and I am so glad Ron is feeling better and is eating. He needs that to build up his strength.

The story about what his friends did for him and what Rocky did was so inspiring. What an incredible soul hs is!! I love his attitude!!

I know you guys will have a wonderful Christmas. I am sending Ron prayers for positive results.


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