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hubby needs answere


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Gary was on his way to work this am and I called him to let him know that the pool cover that he put on last night so the pool would maintaine a high temp when Grandkids come for Xmas(it is in the 40's this am) I told him that some water was on top of the pool. He got very upset and I told him I should have helped him more last night. He said he just couldn't make it any straighter he ran out of steam. I told him from what I read on this board it is common and I do tell him what I read every day. He is worried that something else is wrong but he has had Asthma all of his life and uses a few inhalers and pill form meds as well as the nebulizer sp. He also has not had Chemo for two weeks and so he hasn't had the steriods that he gets when he is on Chemo. Gary does so much more then most men his age do but he wants to have the same breathing that he had prior to his surgery this July. I told him we have to use our treadmill and he saig (i forget his exact words ) but he doesn't feel the way he feels like he is doing OK. I have told him that on this board I have read everyone has problems breathing for a while and I told him to write on this board he told me no I do a good job but if you all could just post what you have been through I will have him read it. I thank you so much and I will help others when I can. I will have this board forever on my favorite place.


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Hi Elkie and Gary,

Joel was also stage 1B and he had his left upper lobe removed. In fact today 1 year ago he came home from surgery.

He also had 4 rounds of cabo/taxol. It is now one year later and he is doing everything he did before. He still gets SOB expecially when he climbs up stairs. But otherwise he is fine.

Gary you have to give it more time, your operation was only in July.

I know you will make a full recovery as you were a very active person, and that will help. Joel really was not active as his job is computer work and is always sitting. He does not work out.

So I have no doubt in my mind that you will bounce back. You just have to give it time. You do have asthma and of couse that contributes to your SOB. Use your treadmill and little by little your endurance will imporve.

Count your lucky stars that you have were stage IB and your had an operation. Only 1 in 4 is a candidate for an operation.

You must keep a postive attidude and Never Give Up.

Have a great holiday and thank G-d that you are here to enjoy it and will for many many many many more!!

Hang in there you will be fine.

Maryanne :wink:

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I had the upper lobe of my R lung removed in June '03 and chemo (taxol and carbo)- four treatments at three week intervals. (Sept 15 - Nov 18th) My blood counts were low and with each treatment I felt a little worse. In Feb. we vacationed for a week in FL and I had a terrible time because I was still so weak. By April '05 I felt pretty normal - had enough energy to enjoy doing things. So, that took 10 months. Then in Nov '04 (the day after T'giving) I had the upper lobe of my L lung removed. Three weeks later we moved to FL with no help from me and in early Feb. I started chemo again (cisplatin and gemzar, this time). It's been a year now and I feel pretty good, but still get short of breath occasionally.

So, altho. everyone responds differently to surgery and chemo, I think it's too early to be concerned. Your history of asthma probably makes it a bit more difficult. You are at just about the point that I became really discouraged and thought I'd never feel good or strong again. I did - both times. Good luck. Take things easy. Your body will tell you what you can do now and what you're not ready for yet.

Muriel K

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DEb was diagnosed almost 3 years ago this spring. She has been through about 7 chemo drugs. Pleural Effusion, C.Diff, and maximum curative radiation. While on radiation she actually painted the Inside of our 1300 square foot house. She was in school for a semester before the C.Diff this past fall. Hoping to go back soon and pickup where She Left off. Enjoy the good days and don't let the bad ones get you down. There is always a Ray of sunshine around the corner. Oh YEah We spent a week on the Outer BAnks this summer for a vacation. Every day is a blessing to Us.

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