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For All My LCSC Freinds .....


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I don’t know why, but then again, perhaps I do….

We find ourselves thinking wistfully of days gone by.

We find ourselves going back in time and remembering the ways that holidays used to be celebrated.

We think about the simple things that brought us pleasure.

We think about the innocence of our youth .

We think about the paths our lives have traveled. Some bumpy, some smooth.

We think of the instances of unexpected pleasures...the sound of laughter,

a walk in the rain, a smile, a glance, a certain scent, the wag of a tail, a welcoming bark.

We think of the disappointments we have had to bear.

We think of the treasures we have experienced.

And we think of those that are no longer here to look backward with us.

But Today is here with countless possibilities

And Tomorrow will come and the sun will shine bright.

We long for the Past. We live in the Present. And we plan for the Future.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With Love,


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