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We just got back Sunday from saying goodbye to DH's Grandpa and going to his funeral, etc. I found out today that DH's grandma (his Mom's Mom) is now in the hospital with some sort of episode. They think it may be a pulmonary embolism or a heart attack. There's a small possibility that it's indigestion, but my sister-in-law who is a nurse practitioner and knows her stuff, says that's not what it sounds like.

I also just called my Gramma and she's not doing very well. Nothing specific, but my aunt is there and thought she was going to need to get her to a doctor ASAP today.

I just can't believe all that's come this year. I'm ready for 2005 to be OVER. I'm even more ready for all of my family to be healthy... This is just getting ridiculous.

Anyway... Just needed to vent and also wanted to ask for prayers. That saying about when it rains? Well... it's coming down cats and dogs here, and I'm tired!



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Val, I am with you wanting 2005 to end already..I had a very close cousin pass away lasy night, my 2 other cousins had bad car accidents and are all banged up..When will this end???

I will keep you in my prayers and ask God for some peace in 2006..

I am sorry for all your pain and suffering..

God Bless..


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