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my sister is still in remission. Although I fight with her daily to take the once a day chemo kinda pill. she has to take it for 5 years and a side effect is she is gaining allot of weight.

she is getting married in July so she wants to stop taking it so she can loose weight but then she could relapse.

weight isn't healthy either cause she is such a shorty and heart disease runs in the family as well as cancer. (gettin it from both ends) and well I figure her weight is something she can battle more so than relapsing in cancer.

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So glad to hear some GOOD news about your sister, Shelly. If Jackie lets you know how she can lose that weight....would you pass that info on to me? I have put a more than a few extra lbs. since last year :( !

Keep those inspirational thoughts coming our way!


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Shelly...glad for sis's remission! You certainly deserve good news!

I love the toilet paper saying!!! I'm a TP freak. Always have so much around the house. Have a phobia of running out of TP.

Thanks for the posts. Great additions to the board!!!

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First, really glad to hear about your sister. I can understand the look great on wedding day, but she has got to get her heart back to where her head is.

I, too, Ann have a run out of TP fear. No Sears catalogs anymore.

BTW Shelly is that the double or triple roll?

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